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Additional Services
Electronics Set-up
Set-up and install TV’s, flat-screens, surround-sound, speakers and other audio & video systems
Set-up TV Antennas and video streaming boxes
Set-up and troubleshoot Cable, DSL and Satellite Internet service
Set-up and install/trouble-shoot wired and wireless routers, access points and switches/hubs
Set-up and install/trouble-shoot home or office telephone systems
Install cabling-TV Coax, Cat5/Cat6 network, audio and phone/alarm wiring
Trouble-shoot minor issues with home/office electrical wiring
Analog to Digital Conversion
Convert records or tapes to CD or MP3
Convert video tapes to DVD
Scan pictures and documents to CD
Miscellaneous Services
Set-up game consoles
Program mobile phones
Furniture assembly
Handyman Services
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