On-site labor - $45 per hour.
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Flat screen TV’s have become very affordable. Even newer 4K screens have come down                   
in price. Mounting these to a wall is an option. I prefer setting them on a cabinet stand
containing all the component units you may have that make up your entertainment 
experience. Whatever your choice, I can help set up and install your system.
Entertainment Systems
Watching TV is only half the joy. A good quality surround sound system will not                       
only add to your overall entertainment experience, but give you the best method                      
for switching between multiple component units. I use a Denon AVR-1612 receiver.
A good Universal remote control is a must to navigate through all the equipment we
accumulate. I use the Logitech Harmony remote. I have the older model. The newer                  
ones come with touch-screen controls. They come with an app to set up on your computer.
You can program all your other components including which units turn on & off, what
source and channel comes up at power-on and of course volume & channel controls.
You then plug a cable into the remote to sync it with all your equipment!
You can click on the equipment pictures above for more info. Give me a call or email              
and I can give you an estimate on costs involved and do the installations.